At Chawner & Trench, we care about the environment and are passionate about creating a better future for our planet and the community we live and work.

We are committed to continually improving our credentials and actively reducing our company’s impact on the earth.

We also try to implement all aspects of sustainability into our office fit-outs by redesigning or refurbishing office spaces using environmentally friendly materials and practices.

These initiatives aim to reduce waste, energy consumption, and carbon footprint while promoting employee well-being and productivity.

Our team values environmental principles and seeks out sustainable alternatives so we can ensure every project we complete adheres to current legislations of the industry.

Incorporating sustainability into office design offers numerous benefits. Not only does it showcase your organisation’s commitment to the environment, but it can also lead to cost savings, improved employee morale, and enhanced brand reputation. An eco-conscious office reflects a forward-thinking approach that aligns with the growing demand for environmentally responsible practices.

We are members of the Irish Green Building Council, IGBC, and strive towards a circular economy to make a lasting impact by setting and implementing clear sustainability goals for your office fit-out project.